The perception of a manifestation

That appeals to all unknown,

Is beyond all brimming thoughts,

Transcending a path unrivalled.

Lamenting about the by-gone times,

Ushers a wave, dark and devil,

Sweeping over fresh blossomed moments,

With memoirs becoming memories.

The yearn for love and a heart,

Is kicked with a foot of hatred

And its unmade dent of emotions

Is filled with tears- never meant.

It spreads its arms of bliss

Into which the way can never be traced;

And it stands there-patiently,

Knowing I can never trace my way through!

I stand there before an unseen materialization

With scars being healed by wounds

And sorrows, by tears

For, I never can understand its tune,

Which is a pitch both high and low!



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Shreya Sundaramoorthy

An enthralled teenager, trying to figure her way out through the nuances of life